Re-Ignite Your Inner Creativity

As much as some of us like to tell ourselves we are only suited for a desk-job and are either ‘numbers’ people or ‘analytical thinkers’, we all have an artist hidden inside us; it is simply of matter of pulling it out. Whether you may be a painter, a dancer, an actor, marketing consultant, whoever, there is always a skill that is buried deep within and with the right techniques this can blossom in ways you never would have imagined. An increasingly digitized world has in some ways equipped us with the tools to take our talents to new heights, although contrastingly it has also dumbed us down in other ways. Either way, here are a few ways to re-ignite that spark!


Although this could easily also refer to go out dancing, hang out with friends or watch a movie which are all important parts of life, it actually means to step out of the box in your area. Are you a writer? Put aside your compulsory assignments and topics and just write anything that comes to your mind for a while. You do not have to make sense of this. Creative concepts come up out of some of the most likely corners, and this could be yours. Let the words flow, and do this on a daily basis as an exercise before you launch yourself into any work. You will find your mind opening up.


Considering the constant noise of our computers and mobile phones, it is hardly a wonder that we have no idea what it is like to be a part of nature anymore. We have encased ourselves in buildings that house our chairs, desks and everything else which frankly is yet another form of prison. Try to get yourself outdoors and sit with nature as much as possible. Take your paintings outside and relax in the sunshine. Nature has some unbelievably therapeutic qualities on you.


It is true what they say; you eventually become the people you surround yourself with, and you cannot really be blamed for this, it is human nature. However what you can do instead is pick your company carefully. Do not stay around those who dumb you down, are jealous of or are in competition with you. Not only will this not foster any creative concepts out of you, you will soon find yourself in a pit of depression. So think smart.


Frankly, this is applicable to everyone. Our world is vast, wondrous and mysterious with so much to be discovered about it. Why hole yourself and pin yourself into a corner? Get out there and find out all you can about everything. Information is key to being able to navigate your way so do not be afraid of digging it up.