Is Budget Accommodation For You?

Despite being easy on the wallet, budget accommodation may not be for everyone out there, even if they are looking to save a penny. While not all cheap lodging is made equal, the horrors you may face in some may make you re-think your decision to skimp on accommodation expenses.Let’s discuss the pros and cons of budget accommodation:


This is certainly a no-brainer – it’s affordable. You can save your money to be spent on more deserving things. In some cases, your finances may be in such a state that makes this the only viable option.


Cheap hotels in Fujairah make ends meet buy minimizing costs wherever possible. This is fair enough. How else would they make a profit while charging a fraction of the usual room rates? Watch out however, for those establishments that take corner cutting too far, and in the wrong direction.

Bad Hygiene: If you find yourself provided with soiled bedsheets and unclean bathrooms, you may end up returning home with a skin rash that requires a costly visit to the doctor.

Poor Service: It is understandable if only minimal service is offered. There doesn’t need to be room service, but if there is no staff manning the reception to handle basic customer issues or emergencies, then your stay could end up being intolerable.

Unpalatable Food: Try not to opt for any meal plans, if they are on offer. Food hygiene may questionable. You may be better off buying edibles from convenience stores nearby. A bad bout of food poising may bring vacation plans to a grinding halt, and require medication to recover.

Bad Neighbourhoods: People who are travelling alone or in small groups need to be especially aware of the crime profile of the area, as cheap hotels tend to be in the more shady parts of towns.

Out-of-the-way: Transport links to the hotel may be poor, and it may be located in an inconvenient position from which to visit all the local attractions. As a consequence, you could end up paying more than expected simply to get around.

Thankfully, you may not be misfortunate enough to encounter all of these nightmare scenarios on arrival at your destination of choice. Perhaps you may only face a few of these problems, and they may be tolerable to you. Not all budget accommodation is all bad. Some may turn out to be pretty sweet deals. The important thing is to do your research before you commit to any of these places. A lot of times, heeding warnings in online reviews written by past guests can save you from a miserable holiday experience.