Definite Symptoms That You Are Being Hacked

While we’d like to think that we are safe and protected, we are actually not – at least as long as we roam around the internet. Although technology has developed to an immense extent, the threats against security and personal safety have risen too. Various online profiles are being hacked all over the world. Thus, it is highly important for us to do everything within our power to prevent online crimes. In this case, make sure to look out for the following signs to protect your identify.

Fake antivirus messages

This is one of the most obvious symptoms of a hacking. Most people disregard this warning without giving it a second thought. By the time they realize their mistake, the damage is already done. Clicking ‘No’ or closing the warning will not help after this stage. So, the next time you notice an antivirus warning message, turn off your computer immediately. Boot your computer in safe mode and uninstall any recently installed software systems.

Unwanted browser toolbars

This symptom of cyber exploitation is quite common in the current days. Your browser will be loaded with unwanted toolbars. Unless you know that these toolbars are from a reliable source, cancel them immediately. You can easily remove them by changing your default settings. However, if they keep appearing, you must require the service of a computer forensic investigator to solve the problem.

Redirected internet searches

This is one of the things that hackers like to do a lot. They have a lot of fun be redirecting into places that you do not want to go. They do this because every time you visit an unauthorized website, these hackers get paid. If your internet search redirects into an unknown website, then you definitely require the help of a computer forensic investigator. He/she can help you to solve the problem before it can deteriorate into a worse condition.

Frequent popups

These popups are both consistent and random, which makes them very annoying. They are worse than spam emails since they tend to interrupt your work by directing you into other platforms. If you haven’t noticed popups in the particular platform before, then it means that you have been hacked. The easiest way to avoid these popups is to remove unwanted toolbars and to stay away from unauthorized websites. This way, you will be able to solve this issue without requiring a computer repair.

If you notice these signs, then you are definitely being hacked. Ask your friends if they receive unusual emails from you. Track your Facebook profile to detect unusual activity. This way, you can further confirm your suspicions.