Best Ideas For Organizing A Charity Event

If you are a part of a club or an official group, there are times when the position of an event organizer comes its turn to you. This can either be a wonderful learning opportunity or an awful stress creator for you depending on how you plan the event and execute it. A charity event is one of the events that are easier to plan but hard to get people to attend. So here are some ideas for the planning stages of the event.

Get lists of the volunteers and also a token of appreciation

If you are running the show with the help of volunteers and not paid individuals, then one of the main things that should be in your head the whole time is showing appreciation for the free and valuable time they are spending on working on your event items. For some events, volunteers end up giving up their weekends and nights to make the show a success.

If you are planning on having events in the future too, then it is a good idea to build up rapport as a good organizing committee from the start. Sometimes words of encouragement and a job well done can be enough too (for small scaled events) but if you are doing a large event then it would be better to give free food, collectibles or a certificate for the volunteers for their time and effort.

Statistical management

It is also a good idea to invest on a footfall counter if you need statistics to show to the organizing board or a higher up. One of the issues of having public events is being unable to take counts of the amount of people if it is a large event without invitations. Sometimes companies who are sponsoring or funding the charity event might actually ask for numbers and details to calculate the success of the plan implemented and would want to recapture the same numbers for the next charity event as well.

A footfall counter does not cost as much as putting someone (or a group of people) on the job, just for counting the number of guests.

Getting the timing right

Even the best planned events all have undercurrents of things that went wrong last minute. Each and every event organizing teams have undergone the initiation ceremonies in the beginning and then slowly adapt their strategies to prevent the common issues caused by time delays. So make sure to have everything ready at least two days before the event (not counting the items such as food).

So it is a good idea to talk to an experienced event organizer about some ideas helpful tips on getting all your requirements and equipment for the event at least 24 hours before the event.